Healthy Eating Plan: 11 Foods to Include

Two white bowls filled with blue berries, which are a healthy food.

Eat Delicious. Eat Healthy.

I often receive the question, what is the best diet plan for weight loss? Or, what do you eat as to stay in shape? I am going to share what I have discovered through experience with you. Let’s start designing your healthy eating plan.

It is difficult to invent a healthy eating plan. The reason why people struggle so much to lose weight is because there are thousands of quick fixes and diets out there that promise an easy way out. Some might work but most are not really that good and people will always pick up the weight again if they don't permanently change to a healthy lifestyle. The best long term plan for weight loss is to transition to a healthy lifestyle. Now this is how it works:

I'm going to give you types of food you should build your healthy eating plan around:

But first we need to address the elephant in the room. You need to stay away from all kinds of artificial sugar. Sugar is the biggest drug in the world. It kills more people than heroin and cocaine combined. It contains huge amounts of calories with no essential nutrients. It not only makes you fat, but it also increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many other health problems.

Foods to include in your healthy eating plan:

Number 1: Nuts

These walnuts sitting in this container are a healthy food.

Did you know? Walnuts are the Only Nut With Omega-3 Fats

Nuts are one of the best snacks that you can eat. They are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that help you to lose weight and lower cholesterol. If you can, choose almonds over other nuts because they are very high in protein and nutrients.

Number 2: Beans and Legumes

Beans are packed with protein, fiber, iron, and B vitamins. They will help you to lose weight and prevent heart disease, fight cancer, and lower cholesterol. But don't eat too much because they can also cause migraines and raise your blood pressure.

Number 3: Dairy Products

There are a lot of people that are against dairy products and that's fine. That's your choice but the majority of studies indicate that good quality dairy products can help with weight loss and improve body composition. Plus, dairy products are super foods for your bones.

Number 4: Oatmeal

Oats are one of the healthiest grains that you can eat. Natural oatmeal without added sugar can help you lose weight. It enhances your immune system and stabilize blood sugar and it also contains a good amount of fiber protein and vitamin b. It may even help balance cholesterol.

Number 5: Eggs

Eggs are amazing for weight loss. One large egg contains only 77 calories. They are a super food that are rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Number 6: Protein

A plate of chicken and vegetables is a healthy meal.

Our muscles, organs, and immune systems are mostly made of protein.

Lean protein encourages fat burning. Lean protein also strengthens your immune system and is used to repair damaged cells-it also is necessary for the production of hormones.

Number 7: The Right Kind of Oils

Choose olive oil or coconut oil instead of sunflower or canola oils. Real olive oil is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants. Coconut oil is high in medium chain triglycerides which are fatty acids that are metabolized differently than most other fats and have beneficial effects on metabolism that will help you to lose weight.

Number 8: Whole Grains or Whole-Wheat

Whole wheat bread and pasta have more fiber and so are more filling compared to white bread or pasta. People that choose whole-wheat products also have lower risk of obesity and lower cholesterol. Stay away from any kind of refined starches where the inner and outer most layers of the grain are removed when they make the flour. The refinement process causes the grain to lose its fiber and protein. Now these fine starches act a lot like sugar once a your body starts to digest them.

Number 9: Whey Protein

Only use it if you are working out. Whey protein is a great supplement to help you lose more weight. Why? Well because it is the most thermogenic foods. Let me explain it in plain English: whey protein helps your body burn calories after you consume it.

Number 10: Fruit

Research shows that fruit can help you progress along your weight loss journey. If you have a sweet tooth, choose fruits over candy because they contain natural fructose and fiber. Healthy fruit also reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. The fruit that will help you to lose weight the most are berries and grapefruit. Other fruits have plenty of health benefits, but those are my favorite.

Number 11: Leafy Green Vegetables

These include kale, spinach collards, Swiss chard, and a few others. They are very low in calories while being loaded with fiber. Eating leafy greens is perfect for increasing the volume of your meals without increasing the calories. They are very high in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals which improve over all health and fat burn.

If all of these foods show up on your healthy eating plan, you are in a good place!