How to Talk About Financial Troubles With Your Partner

How to talk to your honey when it is about money

Falling in love is easy but staying in it is quite challenging. Love obviously binds a relationship whereas a solid financial life strengthens it more. A couple, two different personalities, two different mindsets need to be united through a better understanding of each others’ concerns. And it comes from a well-rehearsed conversation.

Conversation is a great way to sort out any problem whether it’s any misunderstanding or any fiscal issues.

You may have tried for multiple times to talk to your partner about your financial life and future but always failed to make the effort at the last moment. You may be very concerned right now. Well, there really is no reason to worry. Just follow the steps delineated below to start a money-related conversation with your partner.

Think of how to approach your partner

Before you present any topic to your partner, it is better to think twice. You know his/her mindset very well and that’s why you should consider the way he/she thinks. This is important if you want the other person to to stay in the conversation.

Money talk can be a very serious matter but not difficult one at all.

You can only make your SO feel the importance of the issue if you can make them understand it. So, think exactly what will be your first discussion topic and how will you approach your partner with it? You can also gather advice from relatives who are living their conjugal life and successfully resolving the dilemmas they face.

Take initiative to talk to your significant other.

Once you’ve set your mind on how to talk to him/her, it’s time to start the actual conversation. Don’t hesitate, just step forward! You can start like this - “We are going to step into a new life, so, as a life partner, we both should know each other’s financial status like budget, savings, and retirement. So, can we...?” If yes, then give your details first and present it in a friendly tone and discuss openly so that your partner feels comfortable to share his/her details with you.

While talking to your partner make sure there is no disturbance to distract you from your real motive and you are covering every financial details like income, savings, assets, debts, living cost, health care cost, and so on. Sit in a noise free place, keep your mobile silent, and stay focused on your discussion topic

Plan a financial goal

Your conversation must include a goal (short term, long term or medium term) that will help you to lead a better financial life.

Before you start setting a goal, just take a glance at these tips:

  • Sharing the load that can make both of you aware of what you are working towards and where you actually are.

  • Be flexible with your planning as plans can change with time and your financial situation.

  • Consider your partner’s attitudes toward money.

  • And also consider your views toward money.

During goal setting cover up these three essential matters:

  • Which goal holds the highest priority?

  • What will you have to do to make it happen?

  • How should you plan a budget to accomplish your goal?

Once you set your goals, it is time for both of you to take an oath to follow it rigidly and track the progress over time.

Find out fiscal problems and difficulties

Oops, I’ve missed out a very important point, i.e., finding out if either of you is already facing debt problem. Excessive spending is usually the main source of debt problems. However, there can be other reasons, too. They are:

  • Having no clear perception of needs and wants; rather making purchases whatever eyes attract.

  • Shopping is not only a necessity but also a hobby.

  • Always looking for the latest, trendy items. These often cost the most.

  • Frequent outing and too much partying.

  • No mindset to save but failing to pay the credit card bills on time.

You just have to figure out the proper reason together to avoid further difficulties.

Decide on how to solve the issues together

If you and your partner are already struggling to repay multiple debts, you can consider choosing one of the best debt consolidation options. You can enroll in a debt consolidation program where you just need to pay a single monthly amount, at a lower interest rate, towards paying off your multiple debts. Or you can go for a balance transfer credit card where you can repay your outstanding credit card balance at 0% or relatively interest rate. Opt for one of them and handle the debt swiftly. Paying off debts will help you build your wealth for a better financial future.

Once you’ve decided on how to resolve the issues, make both of your mind firm to lead a frugal lifestyle.

Frugal lifestyle means limited spending, more saving, and balancing them.

Final Thoughts

Love is an emotion, but emotion does not always result in productive actions, especially when it is about a financial matter. Be practical and wise enough while handling this matter with your partner. Before you come to any decision, think twice and discuss with your partner several times. This will help you to live a stress-free life.

Have a beautiful financially healthy life!!!

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