How to Make Money Fast: 12 Side Hustles

Cars with Lyft and Uber logos attached to them.

It is time to make some money.

There is never a better time to make some money than the present moment. In this article we are going to discuss twelve different side hustles that will help you make money fast. I have only chosen jobs that give you a ton of flexibility: each of these will allow you to decide when/how often you work. Even better, you can start almost all of these right away.

Hustle 1: Drive for Uber or Lyft

The first item on the list is Uber/Lyft: you can choose which service you go with. I'm sure you've ridden with one of these companies, but it is also pretty easy to drive for them. This is a flexible side hustle that you can take advantage of to earn a decent amount of money.  Uber and Lyft advertise different earnings; I've seen anything from twenty to thirty-five dollars an hour.

You should know that every town is a bit different, so it is impossible to know exactly what you're going to make until you try. Both Lyft and Uber give you control over your work schedule.

Both companies recruit drivers all the time. This is a great option to consider if you're looking for a flexible way to make extra cash.

Hustle 2: Pick up trash for businesses.

An assortment of trashcans.

The next item on this list is a bit of an odd ball. I stumbled across this one a year ago. This guy named Brian built his own business going around to different local businesses and picking up trash from their parking lots. He makes six-figures doing this!

He wrote an ebook where he shows exactly how to follow his method.  He explains exactly what you need to do to build a business around gigs like this. Personally, I get excited when I see people capitalize on their entrepreneurial spirit. This guy took a little thing like walking around parking lots picking up trash and turned it into an incredible full-time income. If you like being outside and enjoy walking a lot, consider picking up trash.

Hustle 3: Rent out your property on Air BnB.

The next side hustle is Airbnb. This one is a bit like Uber in the sense that you might already use Airbnb all the time. But did you know that you can earn great money by renting out either your full house or even just a room?  I've heard of students renting out their dorm rooms.

Depending on where you live and how often people travel to that location, you could make really good money. If you travel a lot, consider renting out your house while you are gone. You might even earn money while you travel if you get paid more from renting out your place than you spend to stay at other places.

An Air BnB room.

A lot of people are concerned that something bad will happen to their property. They imagine a careless guest destroying their house. But I bet you did not know that Airbnb has a million-dollar host guarantee.

They will take care of any damages up to a million dollars. Their host protection insurance will take care of all your problems. You do not get that coverage if you rent through a company like Craigslist.

Another reason it is better to rent through AirBnB than Craigslist is that you can see and choose who rents out your place. You can look at what kind of reviews they have. If you don't want to rent to a particular person you are under no obligation to do so. This flexibility eliminates a lot of the risks associated with renting. If you are traveling or going on vacation, this is something to consider. You could easily make a few hundred up to a couple thousand dollars depending on the time span.

Hustle 4: Deliver packages for Amazon Flex.

Up next is Amazon Flex, one of Amazon’s new experimental services. It pays you to deliver boxes for Amazon. It seems that UPS isn't cutting it. Amazon is everywhere and they need to deliver crazy amounts of packages, which is why they will pay you 18 to 25 dollars a hour to deliver boxes. It is also a very flexible job that allows you to work on your own schedule and retain the control over the hours in which you work. I don't know if it gets much easier than following your GPS to drop off a package on the doorstep and drive home. If you can make $25 an hour listening to the radio, why not give it a whirl?

Hustle 5: Test websites on User Testing.

There is an app called User Testing that pays you to test the usability of websites. A lot of companies have recently built websites for their business. They need to test the user-friendliness of the website. They need to know if the website is communicating the information and presence the company wants to communicate. So, they hire testers to come on the website and to give feedback.

An example would be testing a landing page to see if people know where to click to purchase a product.

They will ask you questions about their website which you will answer using a headset microphone. It is simple. It requires no skill or investment. They pay you $10 a test. Most tests take about 20 minutes. You are looking at making $30 an hour.

However, I am not sure if this side hustle is salable. It might not be possible to turn this into a full-time job. because there may not be enough websites to test. So, there are some limitations. But user testing is a simple way to make money fast!

Hustle 6: Resell books you find on Goodwill.

Used books on a bookshelf waiting to be resold.

You can resell used books that you find in various stores in your local area. The easiest way to do this is to find your nearest Goodwill, purchase any used books, look the book up online to see what it sells for, and then mark it up to that price on Amazon or another vendor.

You can buy books at Goodwill for $0.25 and resell online between $5-$10. If you repeat this process a few times you can make some great money. That is, if you don't mind shopping through Goodwill. I enjoy the process; I think it is a bit like a treasure hunt. Even better, you have 100% control over your time investment.

Hustle 7: Take support calls for LiveOps.

There is a company called LiveOps that provides businesses with call center agents. They hire virtual agents that work from home. If your house is quiet, or you have a quiet room to work from, you can answer support calls in your pajamas. The job allows you to set your own schedule.

Unfortunately, the wages for this job are a bit lower than the other ones we have covered so far, but who does not want to work from their bedroom?

Hustle 8: Set up an Ebay store.

Have you ever considered starting your own Ebay business? It sounds more intimidating than it is. I ran an experiment to see if I could run an Ebay store last year. I bought dog toys from a wholesaler at a wholesale price and I resold them. I measured my profit to see how much I could earn. I wanted to learn if this was a business I could scale up. While I personally did not continue with the store because I had better opportunities, I can confirm that it is possible to make a profit.

You can wet your feet by selling one item to see if this is something you would consider. It is a lot less work than it sounds.

If you do not want to make an investment, you can start by selling extra stuff around your house. This is a great way to earn extra cash from items you were going to throw away. If you enjoy running an Ebay store, you can to turn the hustle into a full time job.

Hustle 9: Become a freelancer on Upwork.

Upwork is a huge community of freelancers. You can find someone to do just about anything.

A freelancer working on a project.

When I was 16 I lied about my age and created a profile on what was then oDesk (now Upwork) in a bid to sell my web design skills to unknowing clients. Did it work? Absolutely. I made thousands of dollars over the next year and a half until I was discovered, and my account closed.

To this day, I hire people from Upwork. There are a million different kinds of different freelancers who are self-employed through Upwork.

As a freelancer, you can create a well-designed profile, and begin working on projects that interest you. You can find work in creative writing, designing presentations, logo design, research, or even becoming a virtual assistant.

Select your interests in your profile settings, set the price at which you are willing to work, and then people like me will find and hire you to work on our projects.

Honestly, most of my hires go through Upwork. I know a lot of other people who hire through Upwork. I hired freelance writers to produce several of the articles on this blog.

If you have skill in just about any area you can find freelance work. As you become more established, you will be able to charge a higher and higher fee. A lot of people make excellent incomes freelancing.

This is another one of those jobs that gives you an enormous amount of control over what jobs you take and how many hours you work. You also set your own pay.  If you only want to work X amount of hours a week, you can do that.

When I started freelancing, I got my feet wet while working for another company and going to school. I wanted to become a full-time freelancer and run my own business. I could have if I had stuck with freelancing, but dreams change. I learned that I prefer writing and building my own websites.

Takeaway: Upwork is a great way to start a business. When a reader asked me for tips on how to make money fast, this was the first thought that popped into my mind.

Hustle 10: Teach/tutor in your area of expertise.

If you have skill that you can teach to other people, there are websites like TakeLessons that turn you into a teacher.  You can teach just about anything you know a lot about.  

This is especially true if you have useful computer skills. For example, experience with CAD software or even Microsoft Office is highly sought after.

Are you fluent in a foreign language? Can play an instrument? Both of those skills will bring you clients.

This is a great way to take your hobby and turn it into some extra cash.  Who wouldn’t want to make money doing what they love?

If you do not want to teach, you can become an academic tutor.

Hustle 11: Invest in real estate.

A real estate agent handing a couple a set of keys to their investment.

The next way you can make money on the side is through real estate investing. Obviously, this is not a quick way to make cash. But over time you can build up your real estate portfolio and make a nice income.

Unlike the other opportunities on this list, real estate investing requires a lot of capital and a lot of patience. However, it is the kind of work that you can do on the side while you attend your office job.

My family owns a couple condos on islands on the Atlantic sea board that generate revenue every year. We partner with a company that handles the booking and cleaning for us. We spend very little time managing the properties, make money from them, and have free places to vacation!

Not bad, right?

Hustle 12: Rent out your car through Turo.

I really love this website called Turo. It is like Airbnb for your car. Using this service, people rent out their cars to clients in need of a car. Instead of renting from Enterprise or Hertz, clients can rent from individuals that charge a fraction of the price. Even better, it is easier to rent from private owners than it is from corporations.

I think Turo offers a brilliant service. It is considerably cheaper than the big car renting companies, and it offers a level of service they cannot match.

An Audi car.

For example: it can be a pain in the neck to navigate large airports. To get from your gate to the car rental area, you will probably need to take a subway or a bus. And then, on top of everything, you need to stand in line.

But if you rent through Turo, you can have the person renting the car come right up to the baggage claim area. I can walk out of the airport with my bags and hop in the car. It saves me so much time.

You can make a lot of money by becoming a renter. Turo has a tool that estimates how much you can earn. The off the line price tag of your car model is a big component of how much Turo will pay.  Lower end and older cars will not pay as well as new, expensive, or luxury vehicles.

Regardless of what your car looks like, you will make a great return. Use the chart I linked to above to get a ballpark. Similar to Airbnb, how much you can charge will depend on how much the demand there is in your location.

As you would expect, they have insurance to cover any accidents that might happen while you are renting the vehicle.

It is a very streamlined and easy process and as a renter you are in complete control. If you have a car and you're interested in making some extra cash, consider Turo.

Now you know how to make money fast by trying these 12 side hustles. I hope you found the list helpful. Let me know which ones you tried.

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