How to Cook Healthy Fried Food (Guide)

A fried tomato and bread.

Delicious does not imply unhealthy.

Everyone loves fried food. And everyone knows it it terrible for you. But did you know you can make healthy fried food using high quality ingredients?

Why You Should Fry Meat Instead of Grilling or Smoking

As a general rule if you are cooking meat on the grill, whether the animal was grass fed or grain fed, you are burning the meat and you are producing HCAs-heterocyclic amines.

If you try to avoid carcinogens, you want to stay away from burning meat. If you grill your meat to the point where there are blackened areas, you will find HCA’s in the charred meat. That is unfortunate because I think those parts tasted great. I love the blackened areas, but they contain loads of carcinogens.

If you’re smoking the meat, the smoke contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; you should stay away from smoked foods too.

Healthy Fried Food Uses Healthy Oils

My preferred method for cooking meat is on a good stainless-steel pain with lots of coconut oil. The coconut oil will protect the meat; I give myself a generous serving. Plus, the good fats contained in the oil are healthy.

I cook the meat until it is lightly browned.

If you want to bread the meat, dip the chicken in coconut oil, coat it with organic flour. It will taste great. Best of all, it’s actually healthy. You can eat a fried food that is healthy for you. Amazing!

If You Must Grill, Marinate

Steaks cooked on a grill with blackened areas.

Unlike grilled meat, grilled vegetables contain few carcinogens.

If you are going to use any type of grill, charcoal, wood, etc., you need to make sure you marinate the meat.

Marinate using healthy ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and lemon, especially fresh squeezed lemon. The lemon and the olive oil contain antioxidants that protect the meat from free radicals as you cook it.

And again, do not let it smoke, do not let it burn. Try to pull the meat off a little quicker than most people do.

Why Are Most Fried Foods Unhealthy?

Most people are under the impression that all fried foods are bad. Most of them are. But where does the stigma come from?

It is really a combination of things. Typically, when you eat fried food such as french fries, fried chicken, etc. the food is fried in a high omega-6 vegetable oil. Often, there are a lot of trans fats present. In addition, restaurants use ingredients like corn oil and soybean oil which are typically genetically modified. Most of the fried foods that you find in America are loaded with trans fatty acids that are extremely toxic and destructive in the human body. We want to avoid them.

Free range chickens in their pen.

You Should Know:

A factory-farmed chicken lives an average of 42 days and lives in a space smaller than an A4 piece of paper.

On top of that, most restaurants usually a lot of gluten, preservatives, and other unhealthy chemicals in the batter that they use for the chicken and the French fries. And of course, typically the meat comes from commercially raised chickens.

It’s better to eat pasture raised chickens raised properly because those animals are going to have a lot more antioxidants in their cells and tissues that nullify free radicals.

Summary of How To Make Healthy Fried Food:

After you have purchased meat from a properly raised animal, buy ingredients like coconut flour, which is gluten free, low carb, high in fiber, etc. Make a batter, then deep fry the meat in coconut oil.

Bingo! There are a lot fewer health risks now! That meal is going to be a lot better for your body. That’s the way to do it. It really is that simple.

I think I’m going to have to go, because I’m getting kind of hungry.

And again, the key is to use healthy ingredients.