Benefits of Drinking Water (Hydration Tips)

A person filling up their water bottle in front of a mountain lake.

Drinking more water is one easy step to becoming more healthy.

In any store, you can find aisles of sugary drinks like sodas, juices, energy drinks, and coffees. With such a variety of delicious tastes, many people never choose water over sweeter drinks. You know you shouldn’t consume so much sugar. But what are the benefits of drinking water over other beverages?

I have heard doctors call water the fountain of youth, and there is a reason. Our body consists of 60% water. That means that water is essential to our bodily processes.

Sugary drinks may taste good, but have you ever stopped to think what would happen if you only drank water?

I would like to review some of the health benefits associated with consuming adequate amounts of water.

1. Skin benefits of Drinking Water

Alcoholic drinks and sodas contain chemicals that are toxic to our bodies. You can see the effects of these chemicals on your skin, in the forms of oiliness and acne. In addition, the large amounts of sugar very likely accelerates aging.

A girl drinking a clear glass of water.

How much?

The average amount of water you need per day is about 3 liters (13 cups) for men and 2.2 liters (9 cups) for women.

Water does not contain these chemicals and can help flush them out of your skin. This process, in conjunction with good hydration, will cleanse impurities and make you skin smooth and youthful. A few years ago, a British woman named Sarah Smith, increased her daily amount to cure her frequent headaches. After four weeks of drinking more water, her headaches disappeared, and she noticed that she looked much younger.

2. Heart Benefits of Drinking Water

Studies performed all over the world are identifying practices and habits that can preemptively reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart disease-one of the leading causes of death today. Eating and lifestyle habits seriously affect the risk of heart attacks. Scientists have proven that drinking five cups of water reduces your risk by up to 40%.

3. Immune System Benefits of Drinking Water

The same properties that make water good for your skin also make it beneficial for your immune system. Water helps purify your body by eliminating the built-up toxins that make us vulnerable to disease.

4. Weight Loss Benefits of Drinking Water

When we drink adequate quantities of water, our bodies work more efficiently. In addition, if you are hydrated you will feel full since your body sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. Studies show that water increases our bodies' energy expenditure, which helps us burn more fat.

5. Brain Benefits of Drinking Water

The human brain consists of 75% water, so it must have adequate water to function properly. Keeping our bodies hydrated improves our concentration and memory.

6. Budget Benefits of Drinking Water

Although it's not health related, drinking mostly water can help your budget a lot! Water is healthier and cheaper, so you will have more money left over to invest in healthier eating habits!

How to Drink More Water

It should be clear by now that water is my favorite drink. I drink three bottles of water each day, but I know that many people struggle to drink enough water. That is why I want to share a bunch of suggestions that will help you get enough water.

My goal is to encourage you to keep yourself hydrated everyday so you can enjoy the benefits of proper hydration such as clear skin, tons of energy, better sleep, and even a strong immune system. How much water do you drink?

First off: here is a water calculator so you can figure out how much water you should drink. It depends on your weight, your height, your age, your environment, and your activity level. Calculate your recommendation right now!

It is important you set goals. Make sure you set them based on your own personal background.

Once you know how much water you should drink, it's time to check out the following ten tips on how to drink more water.

Tip 1: Drink Early in the Morning

Drink a glass of water immediately after waking. It is very healthy to hydrate yourself after sleeping. If you do not want to drink when get up in the morning, do it right after you eat breakfast. Just find a system that works for you. It is important re-hydrate early in the day.

Tip 2: Find a Meaningful Water Bottle

Purchase/decorate a water bottle with meaningful messages. If you love your water bottle, you will want to carry it as you go about your day. If your water bottle is super ugly, you may not want to take it with you. But if it looks cool, you will have an easier time motivating yourself to bring it along. Think of it as a new kind of accessory.

Tip 3: Bring a Water Bottle Everywhere

Keep water on your desk, in your bag, or whatever you need to do so you can sip water throughout the day. This is how I drink enough water everyday. I always bring my water bottle with me. I take a swig every time I feel a tiny bit thirsty. You can drink a ton of water drinking this way. It is way easier to sip throughout the day than to gulp down large quantities one or two times.

Tip 4: Drink Water Whenever You Go to the Bathroom

 Drink some water every time you urinate. Since you just went to the bathroom, you need to re-hydrate.

Tip 5: Drink a Cup of Water Every Time You Eat

Drinking water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner will encourage you to spread out your water consumption throughout the day in a very convenient way. As we noted before, sometimes you will sometimes feel hungry when you are actually hungry. Drinking water will help you feel full and satiate your cravings.

Tip 6: Record Your Water Consumption

You should keep track of the water you drink in a fitness app or a planner. Do whatever works for you, but I prefer my phone.  Regardless of which method you use, it is important to record you water consumption habits so you can figure out whether you are drinking enough every day.

Tip 7: Set an Alarm

If you are the type of person who needs reminders, set an alarm or reminder for every hour to guilt yourself into drinking water. I use my calendar to remind me of all my commitments. So, I am used to notification reminders and find them useful for reminding myself to drink water.

Tip 8: Eat Hydrating Foods

Eat succulent foods like tomatoes, apples, and cucumbers that are bursting with water. I usually make myself a green smoothie for breakfast. It is an easy way to drink enough water-you probably get more water from your food than you think.

Tip 9: Use Your Hair Ties

If you are a girl (or a guy with long hair), add a hair tie to your wrist whenever you drink another bottle of water. I try to drink three water bottles. Every time I finish one, I add one hair tie to my wrist. I know I am done when I have three hair ties on my right wrist. Simple, right?

Tip 10: Habit Stack

Stacking habits is a practice I suggest everyone should try. All you need to do is pick an activity you repeat every day and take a glass of water each time you repeat the activity. For example, whenever you go on Facebook, take a swig. If you watch lots of television shows, take a swig each time a new episode comes on.

And those are the health benefits for drinking water and our tips on how to drink more!