7 Critical Behaviors of Successful People

A child on a ladder reaching to the sky as a symbol for reaching for dreams.

Identify your mission, develop your vision, stay true, and work hard.

Everybody has a dream. Whether it’s the perfect job you want to wake up to every morning, the project you stay up working on every night, social work, or even art that you enjoy creating: here are 7 behaviors that successful people use to fulfill their dreams.

Although we all have our own distinct sources of inspiration, we all are looking for the same thing. We all want to be happy, we want to enjoy success, we want the best lives for ourselves and those we care about.

There are as many different definitions of success as there are people. And, there are even more suggestions on how you can get there. You can watch interviews, read books, watch inspiration movies, attend lectures etc. But at the end of the day, you need to take your specific journey.

There are some essential patterns that successful people fall into.  No matter who you are, when you're chasing something bigger than yourself, you will endure struggles, uncertainty, and discomfort. Those who win in the long term are those who stay true to the formula they discovered works for them.

How do you discover what your formula is? We do not have the slightest clue, but here are several key behaviors of successful people that should give you some inspiration.

Behavior 1: Have a mission.

A man and woman stand on a sidewalk that says, "Passion led us here."

Purpose provides a framework for systematic behavior patterns in everyday life.

You need to be working toward something more important than your current occupation. A greater purpose will grant you a strong sense of intention. Know that you can start and lead a movement. You want to identify what type of change you are looking to create in the world and how you want that movement to impact yourself and those around you.

Behavior 2: Develop a vision.

There are people who would make great leaders but never go anywhere in life, and then there are visionaries. The people with the greatest ability to transform the world are those who both have a vision and the ability to execute that vision. Your vision does not need to identify every single step, but it provides an outline that leads you to the end goal. Vision has nothing to do with accomplishment. Visions is a focus on the long term, the faith that you will impact the world with time and perseverance. You will not be successful without a vision.

Behavior 3: Be in the business of you.

A sign that says "love what you do and do what you love."

Look out for yourself first. We often put others before ourselves because we want other people to succeed and become great as well. As forward-thinking people, we appreciate dreamers. We want to lift people up. We encourage their inspiration and their work. But at the same time, you must look out for yourself.  And if you have friends who are not dreamers, who are not forward-thinking people, you need to reassess your relationship with those people. You may need to cut off certain friends because they're not adding value to your life. Removing yourself from certain circles can be painful. But you need to be honest with yourself and evaluate what is important, even when that contradicts what other people consider important. You have to put yourself first. Be in the business of you.

Behavior 4: Stay true always.

Do not try to become someone else because you are jealous of their success. It can be difficult to summon the fortitude to resist this temptation in an era of social media stars and celebrities. It seems like fame is the only measure of influence or importance. But, truth is that you need to stay true to you and the dreams you hold. Be honest about what you value, what you believe in, what you feel is important. Hold to you mission and your vision.

Behavior 5: Respect effort.

Respect work ethic and learn to admire the efforts of others. if you are a true visionary, a person worth their place in history, you should not be a hateful, jealous critic. You should understand the sacrifice people make to find greatness. You understand that the process, the road, is long and arduous. You do not have time to disrespect other people trying their best to success. The greatest men and women got to the top because they worked extremely hard while respecting the struggles of other people. Your work ethic should be your most treasured jewel.

Behavior 6: Never allow yourself to be outworked.

A mug that says "we work" shows that hard work is a critical behavior of successful people.

Hard work is the price you pay for what you’re going to get.

If your competitors outwork you, you cannot complain that they are more successful than you. You need to work hard, stay focused and grind furiously to prevent people from out competing you. Honestly, there is no important competition outside your own mind. The person you compete against, the person you strive to outwork is you.

Behavior 7: Ignore the noise.

Popular opinion, the opinions of your friends, the opinions of people who know you, people who think they know you (but who may not know you at all), plague the ears of those striving to become great. There are haters that live to generate a lot of noise. You must stay focused, cut through the clutter, and ignore the noise. Every successful person learns to wade through hatred and jealousy. It is best to keep focus, hold your head high, make sure you have thick skin and ignore the noise.

And those are the strategies that successful people used to become great! Let us know how it goes for you!